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Instances like the Blacklist and the quiz show scandals placed the television news divisions in awkward positions – they had the delicate task of exposing their own networks’ dirty laundry.It was through the integrity of the broadcasters that television news survived virtually unscathed and was seen as a trusted, objective source.

The unfolding tragedy proved that live television news coverage could not only inform, but also unite a community.

Those who had built their careers in radio news ultimately provided television network news expansion.

CBS News in particular established a protocol for television reporting - airing stories about topical, political and worldwide events that impacted its viewers.

Senator Joseph Mc Carthy used his “Red scare” tactics to ferret out communism on every level.

The networks were not immune to scrutiny – in fact, to keep in good graces with sponsors, they often enforced blacklists within their ranks.

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How would they dominate this new commercial medium, without destroying their hugely profitable radio divisions? Networks expanded their reach as key cities built broadcast facilities.

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