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The toddler, referred to as “Han Han,” underwent 17 hours of surgery at the Second People’s Hospital of Hunan Province in China after suffering from a rare condition that caused her head to grow four times the normal size.

The procedure, translated from Chinese as “whole brain shrinking plastic surgery,” involved a full 3D reconstruction and 3D printing of a new titanium skull to reposition her brain.“CT results showed that Han Han’s brain was filled 80 percent with water,” said Dr.

The infant with epileptic seizures started to forget the fundamental things he was learning.

Gabriel successfully underwent hemispherectomy treatment with a 3D-print brain replica to ensure his mental development and to help him become seizure-free.

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A 3-year-old girl in China will finally be able to lift her head from the pillow after receiving the world’s first full skull reconstruction surgery via 3D printing technology.

Multiple 2D view-based algorithms were not applicable due to the singularity of the frontal-view faces.

Advancements in 3D printing have helped change how people view medical illnesses.

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