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He called an Israeli medical coordinator, “who works round the clock” to help get medical permits for his Palestinian patients, “a saint, an angel.” Nammour said the cooperation between Jewish, Christian and Muslim medical workers is a model for how to put aside decades of hatred and suspicion, and to make peace together.“As a Palestinian, I feel discriminated against everywhere I go, but never in an Israeli hospital,” he said. “Everything comes back to the occupation,” Nammour said.

East Jerusalem waiting rooms are filled with the very young and very old because the Israeli military, citing security, often refuses entry to patients’ teen or young-adult escorts.Salah was quick to tell anyone who passed by about her kids: the accountant, the chemist, the math teacher.And the youngest, just 13 years old, a blessing, a handful. One son applied for a permit to accompany his mother to the hospital but was refused, Salah said.Thousands of Israelis have died in Palestinian attacks.This is why Israelis say they need walls and permits. A permit is required for a sick Palestinian to go to a Palestinian hospital in East Jerusalem.

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