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Activites for the Rideau Canal include getting to know the public servants and services in your community through visits and guest speakers.

Your Troop may visit a library or a fire hall, or invite a local politician to talk about the community's redevelopment plans for a local park.

Activities may include visiting a church, planning a Scouts' Own or inviting a guest speaker to a meeting. In 1874 the Northwest Mounted Police set out on the March West form Fort Dufferin, Manitoba for Fort Whoop-up in Alberta with the aim of bringing law and order to the Prairies.

Sam Steele, the famous Northwest Mounted Police commissioner, can be regarded as the embodiment of strong leadership.

The Mackenzie River represents the Environment & Outdoors.As you discover your own talents and develop your own perspectives, you'll become more comfortable and creative in expressing yourself.Program activities associated with the Cabot Trail emphasize imagination.He was one of the officers on the March West, and later managed customs at the Chilkoot Pass during the Klondike Gold Rush.The Red Coat Trail can mean organizing and leading activities (such as games or camps) for other members of the Troop, or for Cubs.

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The nearby recreational Rideau Trail follows roughly the same route by land. It runs from Kingston City Hall to Parliament Hill, so it can be seen to symbolize different levels of government.

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