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Win his heart: Prove you can take the cold Canadians take winter very seriously and are fiercely proud of their ability to withstand arctic temperatures.When overseas visitors are wrapped up in skiing gear to take a walk through downtown, true Canadians wander in light sweaters, saying "Minus 15?If asked, say that the fights are undoubtedly your favourite part.Rule number three: if you don't know anything about hockey, pretend you do.

2) Why is paying on the first date such a taboo in Canada? 3) I’m going to make a lot of feminists unhappy with this point – traditional roles of a man and a woman is what we all need to stick to.Maintain the right hierarchy in the house and you’ll feel like a woman again. Believe it or not, in Europe, men do treat women differently.So many women complain that their hubbies are not manly enough! Even a random dude would help you carry heavy bags or open the door for you.It’s our own fault, we turn them into little bitches and then hate them for it. These are just small examples, obviously, there’s more to being a man than just carrying bags and opening doors.4) Random acts of chivalry are almost non-existent in Canada because men treat women like they’re men. Women and men are like the Yin and Yang to each other, we complement each other. Women need care and protection, we’re gentle and feminine.

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