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* * * * * St Mary Steps church stood just inside the old West Gate. * * * * * Hawker soon rejected the legal profession (at which his younger brother, Claude, had considerably more success in later years) and instead committed himself to a further course of study, this time at Cheltenham Grammar School.

Until the 1770s a narrow street known as Stepcote Hill was the main route into the city from the river – in the above picture the entrance is hidden behind the projecting building to the right of the church. Marriage and university occupied the next few years and terms were spent in Oxford.

Still, armed with pemmican, sea biscuits and a barrel of salt pork, I marched for lands unknown. Although rather than a fire-belching mythical monster, this burnished beast is a cavernous Chinese restaurant that takes up the whole ground floor of a sleekly modern, self-consciously angular building more suited to Blade Runner than Barnet.

And many, many moons later (an hour stuck in a fulminous fury of lower Edgware Road traffic, another half spent battling through the Northern Line hordes), I arrive. Lots of corporate glass gleams proudly in the weak summer sun, providing mildly thrilling relief from the otherwise unremarkable concrete ennui.

For anyone who would like to know more about the architectural and social history of Exeter an excellent website, is recommended. A cottage outside the village became the couple’s first independent married home; Hawker gave it the name ‘Trebarrow’ and described it as ‘on a moor and surrounded by Barrows or mounds of Pagan Burial before the Christian Era’. After a mezzotint engraved by William Walker from a painting by T.

The articles on ‘The Slum Clearance of Stepcote Hill’ and ‘West Gate, West Quarter’ are of particular interest in this instance. It was here that he published his second book of poems with its evocative title, , and here too that he received the letter from Bishop Phillpotts of Exeter that was to shape the rest of his life – the letter dated 15 December 1834 that began ‘The Vicarage of Moorwinstow in your neighbourhood being vacant .

He could face a further six months jail and a fine of ,000 if convicted for behaving in a disorderly manner.We pass by The Golden Dragon on our way upstairs to Bang Bang Oriental proper, 30 or so small booths arranged around the edges of a vast, cavernous room.There’s a smattering of Cantonese Chinese (which is hardly surprising, seeing the place is owned by the Royal China group, a bunch who know their dim sum and roasted meat), with a soupçon of Sichuan and a mouthful of Hakka.The website records John Hawker serving as Mayor in 1744. St Olave’s Church can be found just above the ‘A’ in ‘St. The junction of West Street and Stepcote Hill can be found lower centre. Lee’s pedigree we find ‘Robert Hawker, only son, the celebrated Calvinistic divine and preacher, born circa 1753. His first curacy was at Altarnun in Cornwall but Hawker’s biographers all agree that the couple left their eldest boy to be brought up in the home of his grandfather and grandmother where his boyhood high spirits and practical jokes became notorious in the neighbourhood.(Click on image to enlarge.) * * * * * On 1 August 1749, Jacob Hawker (born 1722) married Sarah Smith at St Mary Steps, West Street, Exeter. Matriculated May 27, 1778 at Magdalen Hall, Oxford. After running away from several preparatory schools he was given a place at the Grammar School at Liskeard.

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Two children of the marriage, Thomas (1750-51) and Robert (1753), are recorded as having been baptised here. By this time his family had moved to Stratton in North Cornwall and Hawker joined them there during his holidays.

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