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They have no endowments, nor are they allowed to possess property either in private or in common, except their houses and a few acres of land attached to each.

They therefore depend upon their labours and the voluntary contributions of the faithful.

They depend therefore for their subjects upon the attraction which the spirit and work of the congregation exercise upon youths who come to know them.

The congregation admits of two classes of religious: choir brothers and lay brothers.

Otherwise the congregation could not have been established or maintained in these countries.

Wherever houses and churches of the congregation exist, the fathers are always ready to preach, to instruct, and to hear the confessions of all persons who may have recourse to them.

The full title of the Passionist institute is: The Congregation of Discalced Clerks of the Most Holy Cross and Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ . Paul of the Cross , called in the world Paul Francis Danei.

Clement XIV confirmed the Rules and approved the institute by the Bull Supremi Apostolatus of 16 Nov., 1769, which concedes to the Passionist Congregation all the favours and privileges granted to other religious orders. Before the holy founder's death the Rules and the institute were again solemnly confirmed and approved by a Bull of Pius VI , "Praeclara virtutum exempla", 15 Sept., 1775.To this end the Passionists at their profession add to the three usual religious vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, a fourth--to promote to the utmost of their power, especially by such means as their rules point out, a devotion to the Passion of Our Divine Saviour.Recruiting and Training of Members The Passionists have no colleges for the education of seculars, and have no young men or boys under their care, except those who wish to become members of the congregation, and those who are novices and professed students.Paul, some of whom were priests ; and the new disciples gave themselves up to such a life of fervent penance and prayer that upon Mount Agentaro the sanctity of the ancients anchorites was revived.Before the death of the founder twelve houses or "retreats" of the congregation were established throughout Italy and formed into three provinces, fully organized according to the Rules--a general over the entire congregation, a provincial over each province, rectors over the several houses, a novitiate in each province.

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