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S., 76 percent of women said they were were more likely to put their own personal needs after someone else's.

However, more than half of the participants said that taking time for themselves was the greatest factor in achieving wellness.

They simply can't resist the urge to put other people first.

According to a 2017 "Women's Wellness Report" from Everyday Health, which studied 3,000 women from ages 25 to 65 in the U.

You've probably heard the term thrown around daily, but learning exactly what it means and why it's so essential will help to better practice it in the new year.

"When you self-care it’s really about you recharging." Some people abstain from self-care for fear that their behavior would come across as selfish.

"It’s essential for your mental health and your physical health," Williams said, noting that self-care is anything but selfish.

"You can’t be the best you in any other contexts if you’re not taking care of yourself." "I heard someone say that it's like putting on your own oxygen mask in an airplane emergency before putting one on a child," added Crystal Park, another professor at the University of Connecticut's Department of Psychological Sciences.

Consider volunteering, or clean out your closets and drawers to donate unwanted items to charity.

One form of self-care can be as simple as not being so hard on yourself all the time.

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