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Comedic, heart-wrenching, and sexy (who can forget their tango? ” That was the question the drama repeatedly asked for what felt like 97 years, but who did not fall in love with Yoon Jae (Seo In Gook)? Since watching Lee Seung Gi and Park Shin Hye team up in the MV for his Japanese single “Alone In Love,” we’ve been craving to see them reunite for a drama.

), we couldn’t help but love them, as they crossed things off Yeon Jae’s bucket list together. If your answer is “me,” then from what planet are you? We always whine about Korean dramas being cliché, using the same plot, but we welcome it when the characters are so impeccably matched that it’s a disgrace and shocking when she goes back to her cheating-cheater boyfriend who cheats. Great comedic timing together, too; they just GOT each other. The MV didn’t end well, with Shin Hye wanting Seung Gi only as a friend, but the chemistry was there. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of materials without express and written permission from this site’s authors and/or owners is strictly prohibited.

En la posicion 15 nos encontramos con Dream High ¿Quien dice que no se puede hacer tu sueño realizad?So, these are our top 15 couples that made us jump for joy when they kissed and made us cry like loonies when they broke up; the ones that got us writing epistles during their fights and left us speechless at their most intimate moments. Rooney, for us, it was Eun Young (Park Si Yeon) versus Seung Yeon (Ham Eun Jung). And the drama gods said, “Let there be the most awesome union of the boy with the most piercing eyes and the girl with dimples as deep as a hole to China”; and it was so that we raised up our arms and rejoiced, and if we had armpit hairs, they’d have high-fived K-drama heaven, too.We spent 8 weeks (plus a World Cup hiatus) on Soompi’s thread, debating on when Jin Soo (Kang Ji Hwan) first fell for Eun Young, replaying Jin Soo’s sprint in Episode 9, the phone booth kiss, the train kiss, and cried with joy when he kicked down the door to her wedding hall. Once upon a time, there was a pastry chef who got dumped, went to the men’s bathroom, and met Hyun Bin. They not only took us to the edge of the cliff, but pushed us over when Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na became a real couple. How cute when our adorable country bumpkin fell in love with a snob from Seoul. Shin Min Ah‘s amnesiac ghost and Lee Jun Ki‘s heroic magistrate made us hopeful about second chances and soulmates.Now, who wouldn’t want a guy who also happens to be your best friend?! We love Kim Sun Ah here and Lee Dong Wook is army-hawt, so, of course, we were on this faster than a desperate second lead could say, “Oppa! We’re surprised they didn’t make a baby right there (we love cable! We admire second lead guys when they are brave enough to let go because sometimes, that kind of gesture means loving more, too.Especially if it’s Shin, count us in, and given how close the actors are offscreen, it’s 2-for-1 shipping with this couple. ” A woman with six months to live and a chaebol son who can’t help but fall for her. These guys will always have a home in our K-drama hearts. Couple we’d love to see in a drama and deserve an official ship thread on Soompi.

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