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Jack Green if you are reading this please contact me. I would love to hear back form anyone who has served with my Regiment. NEVER FORGET WHY THEY GAVE THEIR LIVES I SURE WONT Keith Black BTRY C 3rd BN 319th FA 82nd ABN BDE /was part of Operation Linebacker in Soul South Korea 1969/ from there went Viet Nam and was with the 173rd did a lot of back and forth between the Grunts / Art sometimes as FO in LZ English / Tiger Mountains over looking the Ankay Vally until 1970 if this sounds fimillia to some one out there that was on my track please give me a shout AIRBORNE ALL THE WAY AND THEN SOME. Reyneska, Rakkasan Commander in formal ceremonies which graduated 296 187th ARCT men at Fort Bragg, North Carolina 30 January 1956. With the news that the 101st was to be re-activated we were designated as a cadre unit to train troops for the 101st Airborne Division and reassigned to Fort Campbell Kentucky. Task Force 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (ABN). " DEATH WAITS IN THE DARK" When the Lord asked who shall I send, We replied send us, we will GO AIRBORNE. He thought the idea was cool and was told where to sign up the next day. I just waned to say hello, and thank you all who read this for the sacrafice that all of you and your fallen paratroppers have made for our great country. I am about to begin College and ROTC so that I can return to this great army and serve my God, my country, and with my fellow paratroopers and hope that one day I too can leave such a mark on history that you all have... 508th ARCT, Ft Benning Nov53-Mar54 11th Abn Div, Ft Campbell Mar54-Aug54, 187th ARCT, Kyshu, Japan, Ft Bragg Aug54 - Feb56 101st Abn Div, Ft Campbell Feb56-Jul57 (Infantry until Jun56, then QMC and PPM&AD Co at Ft CAMPBELL 1950-82nd Abn Div MP Company 1950-52-187th ARCT MP Platoon 1952-58-NYC PM office,51st CID, Europe,10th Special Forces. Gulick, Panama, Brazil-JBUSMC, Columbia, Argentina, Cuba. Assigned to D Company-Commanding Officer was 1st Lt. Along with men bach from Japan in the 508th and those from the 11th Airborne Division that chose to remain behind when the rest were sent to Germany, the new 101st Airborne Division was reformed with a grand organization day and unit banquet called "Renedezvous with Destiny". Homer Roberson was in the 187th AB, Enginners, in Korea, and is trying to locate an old pal Mr. Yet that evening, he and his buddy got drunk and met a couple of hookers and forgot all about jumping out of planes.

We extend our condolences to Nancy’s family, friends, colleagues, viewers and readers. After a long battle with cancer, Nancy passed away at home, surrounded by family, on November 14, 2017.

Would like to get in touch with some of my ole jumping buddies . box 24553 jacksonville, fl 32241 I'm John De Busk and I live in Texas, I saw your entrys in the Paratroopers of the 50's and thought I drop you a line. Campbell (11th Airborne Div) from 1950 thru 1953, I made the scene at Camp Desert Rock, you know the atomic bomb thing and also the Ft. The Army fried us at the Nevada Test Site and we froze at Ft. I'm the webmaster for the Atomic Veteran Web Site, you can get the lowdown at: the fall of 1951, I was in Co.

Good luck to everyone and I hope everything is going the way ya'll like it. A fellow trooper -- John De Busk Basic Training 1954 Ft. Had four uneventful jumps &one mid air collision was on top 0f other chute to dumb to back off I ran foward and jumped off just before we both hit the ground Thank you for adding me to your quest book,however, I failed to mention that while I was in the 511th or the 11th A.

I served with the 511th AIR, 11th Airborne Division from the period of 1/51 to 8/52, at which time I was physically disqualified due to an injury sustained in "Operation Snowfall," which took place at then Camp Drum, NY I received my wings at Ft. I'm the Great Nephew of Gerald Lathbury, he jumped with the British 6th Airbourne Regiment, he was at Plimersole Bridge in Sciliy and at Arnhem...trying to find people who served with him.... SERVED FROM 51--53--DISCHARGED WITH TWO SILVER STARS--TWO PURPLE HEARTS--ETC. Sgt Tom Hennessy my crazy Hawaiian, Chinese, Irish Sniper Buddy. I have no Idea where you guys are now, I wish you all the best. The Holiday toast at the Tribuiani household will be "To absent Comrades, God bless the Airborne, and God Bless The U. I am a Casper as a Casper i flew most of my 67 year with 2nbn 503rd as comand and control pilot for col d partain i was in the battle of june 67 when a company got hit and in november when the bn was hit i some how was put in for three dfc for just doing my job thanks for the memories Vietnam service 1969 to 1971 co. 188th Airborne Infantry Regiment and, I believe, the 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team, 1954 to 1958. Sammons was the Personnel Officer for much of my tour, having followed Lt. I was billeted at Gablingen Kaserne except when TDY to and billeted with Co. I worked as a section chief in Regimental Personnel at Regimental Headquarters at Gablingen. I did 22 years straight on jump status--where I at least jumped once in a given year. Also served ar Cdn Joint Air Training Centre as Air Supply and Para Instr, Had the pleasure of jumping the Dak with T7 and the ll9 with T10.

If you are interested in a copy of this citation, I would be happy to provide it. FIRST CLASS served with 7th RANGER and 82nd AIRBORNE, HAD HIS RANGER TRAINING IN GA. I would like to honor and thank all of my "Airborne Brothers" and all of those who have served past, present& future. Sgt Jerry Schultz one of the toughest Rangers I ever met. I hope everyone is still "COMBAT READY" I know I will always be!!! My Father Made me a MAN, The ARMY MADE ME AIRBORNE!!! Some of the Best Adventures A man could ever ask for. I have so manyscratches that ive been nicnamed SKRATCH. His nickname was "Hootch" King great to see a site like this keep the history alive. Qual jumper in l948 and served with 1Bn Princess Patricia's Cdb Lt Inf until wounded in Korea Nov 51..

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My father and I were in the same platoon and he made my first jump with me. Campbell, Ky 1955 then gyroed to Munich, Germany 1956 thru 1958 88th Airborne Anti Aircraft Battery 1955-1956 Heavy Mortar Battery, 503rd Airborne Infantry 1st Airborne Battle Group 1956-1958 11th Airborne Division Merely a 1981 graduate of Jump School (plus 2 additional jumps). my Dad, Raleigh "Buddy" Power (graduated jump school in 1947), served most of his 24-year career as 82nd Airborne and Special Forces (77th Special Forces in 1955 -- before the beret; then again from 1964). Please, if you got some airborne wings or emblem,embroidery send to me at my address below: No.436 B, Jalan SS9A/10, Sg Way , PJ, 47300, SELANGOR, WEST MALAYSIA spring 66 to Dec 67 1st/506th Charlie Light Inf. Im in search for my father and its very urgent to me to locate him. Also have jap flag with all the names of the people at that time with him. I decided I wanted to change jobs so I went to air condtion school after reenlisting. Ira had a unit patch that was round and a polar bear inside it. I know he surived,but it would be nice to find out a little more about what happend to the Comapny Etc. Thanking you in advance dec17 1944 germany with battry"C" 466th Pcht F. Just to name a few GENE MULLHOLLAND, JOE MENOSKY, LEW LABRIOLA, CROUSE, SHORTY JAMISON, CRP. 1965-69-Viet Nam, MACV,5th SF, MACVSOG(CCC),3rd BDE 82nd ABN. Will try to answer all Email from minds who want to know... Last time I was in touch i was based in Bahrain, retired from there last July back to the UK after many years. I have good memories of serving with the 101st AIRBORNE DIVISION and the 1st Cavalry Division. If I had to do again, I would not hesiate for one minutes. Called back to service Sep 1950 at Ft Hood, then assigned to Service Co., 187th RCT in Korea until discharged Aug 1951 at Camp Carson, CO. Have a DD 214 which shows the Korean Service Medal (Bull 21 DA 1950) and that is all. Mar 1956 "Gyroscoped" to Augsburg, Germany...still in E Co 188th, 11th Abn Div. E Co 188th becomes A Co 504th, 2nd Airborne Battle Group, 11th Abn Div. Wounded 3 times and awarded the Purple Heart along with two clusters.

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