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The latter has happened to me twice: I called the employers to inquire about my application status and they told me that the person they were supposed to replace wasn’t leaving anymore (what the fudge, man????? My greatest dream is to be a novelist, but we all know how slim those chances are. Probably exactly what you’re doing — quit a bunch of jobs and gotten really frustrated with the whole thing. Here’s the thing, though: You’re probably going to have to work most of your life to bring in income.

Even for me to get a job in technical writing or as an editor/proofreader is hard because everybody wants you to have a degree with many years of experience. If I go back to retail it’ll be a few months before I quit again. Sure, it’s ideal if the work you’re doing happens to be something that you like and find fulfilling long-term, but that’s a bonus.

I didn’t even like what I was studying in school (art-related) and I’ve changed majors three times now.

Besides, I’ve never been good at it, and university has gotten me depressed, which is why I dropped out.

The sadder part of my dropping out is that I can no longer afford an education anyway.

Right now I am working eight hours a week at the library, and although it isn’t a difficult job, I don’t enjoy it.

She was surprised to see a new guy, but just relaxed waiting whilst he starts kneading her sexy body.

At 22, it probably hasn’t done you that much harm, but pretty soon it’s going to mean you have a really checkered job history, and that will mean that the jobs you’re most interested in won’t want to hire you.

” but rather “is this work that I could be reasonably good at for the next year or two?

” It’s also possible that over time you’ll discover that there a career path that you love or at least like. ) didn’t figure out what would make us happy professionally until much later than 22.

Simply having a degree will make your future job searches easier, no matter what the degree is in, so if you’re financially able to do that favor to your future self, you should. Maybe it’ll go somewhere some day, or maybe it won’t.

But if your greatest dream is to write, then you should be writing.

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  1. Before I met my husband Brian, I dated guys all over the faith-spectrum – from Catholic gone atheist, to non-practicing Protestant, to Catholic-ish, to Evangelical, and some in between.