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I had never made one in my life and had to call someone to talk me through how to use the machine.I carried it down to him, the cup trembling on the saucer. They’d call around 3 or 4 and say, “He’s hungry.” But about once a week they’d call and say, “He’s going out.” When the phone rang, my heart would pound. The assistants—one of whom wore a three-piece suit even when doing the laundry—made me bring all my own pots and pans (back at my apartment I had exactly one knife, one pot and one cutting board).After three months, I asked the assistant for two days off, even if they weren’t next to each other, but she said that wasn’t possible.I knew if I kept it up I would never go on another date or even have a drink with a friend, so I quit. Prince loved soy candles burning all evening on every surface, so on my last night, I bought him one and wrote a note saying, “I know you love these, and I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed my experience, and how much I learned from you.” He opened it while getting a private pedicure and his girlfriend came out and said Prince liked my gift and wanted to invite me to Bible study.Then Andy, a friend of a friend who occasionally cooked for Prince, told me the singer sought someone 24-7. Now I had about three weeks of real-world experience under my belt. Inside my head I was like, “ I cooked teriyaki salmon like I used to make for myself all the time (with that Soy Vey assist! Ryan Seacrest is coming to dinner.” I turned around, missed my friend’s wedding, threw my suitcase into my apartment, grabbed my chef’s jacket, and ran to Whole Foods with no idea what to make. ” That week, Prince was hosting an after-Oscars party and Andy roped me in.

They sprawled on the couch next to a beautiful, aerodynamic white piano with just two legs. And of the 75 three-course dinners I made, he returned exactly one dish: a five-spice soup.One night I made mung-bean crepes stuffed with vegetables, followed by fish over black rice.He came back to the kitchen and said, “This is so beautiful.It was the assistant saying, “P wants to host a traditional English tea party—in an hour.” Scrambling, I ordered everything from scones to cucumber sandwiches to go, and raced back to serve it as if I’d made it all myself. He asked for that salmon teriyaki nearly once a week.I know he made himself scrambled eggs for breakfast because the pan would be waiting in the sink when I showed up.

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All my guests are very happy.” My only break was the three days he played Coachella.

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