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” For many Vietnamese, 30 April 1975 marked a joyous day after 20 years of death and destruction at the hands of both indigenous and foreign fighters.But for a significant number of children fathered as a result of rape by South Korean soldiers, it was the start of a living hell.South Korea’s contingent was bigger than that of Australia or New Zealand - second only to the US military.Troops were largely concentrated in Vietnam’s Central Province.Tran Dai Nhat still remembers the moment his childhood disappeared forever.The shy, five-year-old boy survived the bloody curtain call of the Vietnam War and was optimistic about a future free from military might and chemical warfare.

Now 76, Mrs Ngai’s body is frail but her memory is sharp when it comes to recalling the sexual violence she suffered during the war. At one point, she breaks down and sobs as she offloads a lifetime of shame and secrecy. Afterwards I cried for days but my parents just shouted at me.

One day I met a translator who said the local troops needed a dishwasher.

I was so happy for chance of a better-paid job so I happily accepted the work at a nearby Division.

She said: “I was just a young girl during the war but I worked as a nurse to support people in my village. They thought I had had sex with him of my own free will. My parents told me to abort the child so I tried to do it with medicine but it didn’t work. I thought about committing suicide but somehow I found a way to carry on.” Once ‘defiled’ by Korean soldiers, women were labelled ‘fair game’ for fellow comrades.

My parents worked on a farm and we were quite poor. We had no rice and constantly had to find ways of escaping the cross-fire.” Mrs Ngai was 24 and still a virgin when she was first raped. This warped code of honour sealed Mrs Ngai’s fate for a second time.

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When they got older they moved to Ho Chi Minh City to escape the criticism in the village.” While the Ngai children were driven out of their homes to the big city, Mrs Ngai was terrorised by Communist soldiers who branded her a ‘blood taker.’ She said: “They took all my possessions and put me in prison but worst of all, they beat my grandfather to death.” Mrs Ngai felt confused in the fog of war but now she is very clear about what she wants now.

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