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Find the gopher's hole, recognizable by a mound of dirt. Place the mouth of the water jug over the gopher's hole letting water run into it 4.

But it's certain that wherever the rodent goes, it'll be far away from Nate's yard. Pick up a five-gallon water jug and fill it with a hose halfway2.The diocese itself eventually exposed some priests as part of an agreement with Arizona prosecutors in the early 2000s. A Maricopa County Superior Court judge is considering diocese attorneys’ motions to dismiss several of the lawsuit's 14 claims. He remains free on ,000 bond and is on administrative leave. Mark Broussard was sentenced in May 2016 to two consecutive life sentences for aggravated rape and 50 additional years for other sexual abuse charges.The 2003 agreement in O'Brien's case brought major changes within the Catholic Church in the Phoenix area, including victim assistance and training on sexual misconduct for all diocesan staff and volunteers. The Lafayette-area cases were just two of many involving local priests and children.A Minnesota man recorded a quick and easy way to catch pocket gophers using just a water jug.Nate Dolan came up with the innovative idea because he was tired of gophers digging holes in his backyard and creating mounds of dirt.

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