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Use Windows XP for all your offline work and don’t connect to the Internet. Don’t use the Administrator Account when using your Windows XP computer for working or browsing the Internet. This tool will lower a user’s privilege level and make surfing more secure.But yes, you will still have to take care when you plug in a friends USB or external drive! It will make browsing a little more secure, since it runs selected programs, like browsers, in a restricted environment, with lower rights, even when logged on to Windows XP as an Administrator.Not only that, it can prevent hackers from breaking into your computer!Since Microsoft will stop updating Windows XP components, its firewall too will remain unpatched.

Microsoft wants this figure to come down to around 10% globally by the time it ends its support in April 2014.

There are many security companies who have committed themselves to supporting their security software on Windows XP beyond end of life. Use any of these free Imaging, Backup and Recovery Software which will work on Windows XP.

What would happen if you needed to reinstall Windows XP on your computer? Would Microsoft’s activation servers for Windows XP activation still work?

Of course one cannot discount the fact that in case of an outbreak, Microsoft might just be compelled to release some security updates under public pressure – but that’s another question.

This post is meant to try and help those from such countries, where the usage of Windows XP would still be high and for those users who would be constrained to use it simply because they may not be able to afford to upgrade, by suggesting some steps they can take!

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Like for browsers, start using alternative media players, compression tools, Windows explorer alternatives, email clients and such, since these components too will not be receiving updates. So never ever click on any link which you may think looks suspicious. A small rule to remember in such scenarios: If in doubt – DONT!

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