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If a neighborhood association in Pittsburgh is concerned about gang activity, its members can now map data about graffiti and crimes such as car break-ins using a new Web visualization tool called Burgh’s Eye View.Determined to make its open data sets more valuable to residents and community groups, the city’s Analytics and Strategy team used open source tools to create a Web application that offers residents visual representations of everything from crime and other public safety incidents to 311 service requests, building permits and code violations.

That means considering how a sister agency could use data or how community groups could use it to identify and solve problems in their own neighborhood.

The public-facing version was launched in October 2016, and Meixell said her team is building up a constituency via good old-fashioned shoe leather.

“I had my whole staff going around with community affairs teams to community meetings,” she said.

There is no single place to find that breadth of information.” Creating a data visualization of the budget was something OBM executives had wanted to do for some time, Bridges said.

“The opportunity presented itself because we were looking to move up the curve in terms of our maturity with data visualization throughout the state,” he said.

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“There are a lot of companies that would charge a lot of money to put this stuff together,” Meixell said.

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