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Retries in PVS are a mechanism to track packet drops in the streaming traffic between a Provisioning Server and a target device.

Because that traffic is based on the not-so-reliable (however optimized by Citrix) UDP protocol, it’s very important that we don’t put configurations in place that would strangle that traffic to death (surely you don’t want your users complaining about application slowness and session latency).

The "cat /var/log/| grep sense | less" hex errors showed numerous LUN level issues (D:0x2), bus busy (H:0x2), HBA busy (D:0x8), abort commands (H:0x5) from timeouts which points to a SAN filer not being properly failed over and still reporting itself as available After the SAN filer restoral for the paths/LUNs we issued the command " /sbin/restart" which completed & we were able to v Client into the Host again, the web & join it back to the existing cluster to clear the "orphane" "unnamed" VMs that were residual leftovers. Only workaround/solution so far: block access to ESX host until all v Center services are started.

Verify that your DNS is up and running from the ESXi server's point of view. In this communities.vmware.com/message/1316434 thread a guy had identical problem as you describe. We experienced a similar issue as this and it ended up being failed SAN LUNs that were directly attached via Fiber Channel HBAs.

(The remote server returned an error: (503) Server Unavailable Call "Service Instance.

Retrieve Content" for object "Service Instance" on Server "name" failed. All virtual machines seem to be up and running fine, so I want to know beforehand if I need to bring them down for maintenance!!!

I’ve promised to write a full-blown article dedicated on troubleshooting Provisioning Services retries, but while that’s in the works I’ll share with you all a solution to an issue that I came across in a recent implementation of Xen Desktop/PVS with VMware ESXi on Cisco UCS hardware.

I’m sure most of you that work with PVS on a daily basis have seen at least some retries in your environment.

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we could not v Motion or build off templates without getting the 503 error.

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