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Unlike other desktop environments, Openbox doesn’t “distract” you with a desktop with panels, shortcuts, and other “bells and whistles”. As far as desktop environment features go, this is where the list already ends.

Instead, all of that space is meant solely for your running applications. Simply right-click onto the bare background and a little menu will pop up which you can navigate to launch applications, as seen above. Thankfully, there is an Openbox settings manager which you can use to tweak a handful of items and behaviors, such as margin sizes, mouse hovering behavior, virtual desktops, and more.

You can then switch to it by selecting it while logging in.

When you first run Openbox, you may be wondering why nothing is loading.

You may be surprised to learn that Openbox has already loaded completely: it’s normal to see absolutely nothing besides a solid-color background.

Google Chrome is excellent on Linux, too — it should be, as Google’s Chrome OS is essentially just the Linux version of Chrome running in a special environment.

Google has incentive to make the Linux version of Chrome work well.

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The fact that it’s such a big departure from the traditional desktop paradigm, plus the fact that configuring xmonad requires some advanced knowledge and enough comfort to mess with text files, is enough to leave xmonad as a recommended desktop environment for the pros.

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