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This could mean that we add a new layer to reality, one where our physical limits fall away.

Those numbers will grow as more digitally savvy generations hobble into the future.

That old couple that you smile at as they take a stroll in the park?

In 50 years they might be walking through a re-creation of the halls of their old high school.

“These hits of dopamine and oxytocin sustain us on a physical and emotional level,” says Kelton, the founder of Bad Online and the author of “Interestingly,’’ she adds, “we can get these doses of pleasure hormones from social networks and gaming, as well as from in-person interactions.” Many technologies, including wearables and robotics, will create Brave New Worlds for dating and relationships, as we get older.

VR and gaming may offer the most dramatic shifts, however, especially as the suspension of disbelief improves and biological responses develop.

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It could help bridge the gap that both elderly men and women face in being closed off from interaction with people their own age, and with younger ages.

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