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And then there's his music career — Justin has been hitting the road with his band, Bobby Rock.As I waited in the muggy backroom of Pianos, a bar on the Lower East Side of New York, my thoughts drifted between wondering if I would recognize him and wondering if all venues below a certain size are required to have terrible ventilation.As Brescia introduced band, he referred to himself as only “Justin.” He thanked the sparse crowd for coming, acknowledging that it was the day after Halloween and a Sunday at that: “We know it’s fuck all tomorrow.” I soon figured out that “fuck all” is a Justin Bobby-ism for “everything.” Although his bad boy charm certainly got him on the show, his vaguely philosophical quotes are what kept him there. Brescia is that guy in your philosophy class who barely scraped by with a C; not because he didn’t understand the material, but because he couldn’t be held back by the professor’s antiquated notions of how an essay should be structured.Bobbyrock is a collaboration between Brescia and Dariani, but Brescia dominated the songwriting process on the band’s first EP, which was recorded earlier this year. But while the show had a collection of characters, none could hold a candle to the unsung hero of The Hills, the one man on The Hills who dared to defy conventional ways, from his hairstyle to his moniker.Yes, Justin was just as beautiful as, say, Brody Jenner, but what made him stand out from the perma-frat boys that circled Lauren, Audrina, and their friends was the fact that Justin was just so mysterious.As the folk cover band finished, Bobbyrock, comprised of Brescia on guitar and David Dariani on drums, took to the stage to set up.It’s clear that Brescia’s camouflaged look is intentional.

Staying true to his hairstyling roots, he created a line of hair products and opened a chain of salons in Southern California, Nicaragua, and until recently, in his Manhattan loft.“I came in with rusty, unpolished material,” said Brescia, “and we worked on them together.” Brescia played drums in his previous band, Ed Stanley, so he came to Bobbyrock with a lot of material.Dariani had been the lead guitarist and singer of his previous band, Pilot Blue, so he was ready to take a break and step behind the drumkit for a while.In the five years since ended, Brescia has laid low in comparison to his castmates.Spencer and Heidi Pratt have continued to be reality TV’s most hated couple and are clearly loving every minute of it.

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(Apparently the secret to Justin Bobby's gorgeous locks is organic Indian clay and beeswax — maybe he should start styling Shailene Woodley's hair.)But hair isn't the only thing that Justin Bobby is passionate about. According to the You Tube video below, Justin Bobby was the drummer in Ed Stanley, a California-based band, in 2012. This may or may not be his Twitter account (it's not authenticated by Twitter), but it does show a pic of his Brush Your Hair salon. If so, I'm about to make my next hair cut appointment.

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