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” Remember that most people are NOT your soul mate. Now and then a message tugs at your heartstrings (“My wife died last year, and you’re the first person I’ve written to on here”) and then maybe you want to write a more personal “not interested” response.

If so, keep it short and shut it down—be mercifully uncharming. And you will see this unworthy but perhaps perfectly fine fellow from 6 to and then say,“Gotta run!

Simply let them know that you are in recovery, and because of it, you don’t drink. If they have questions, feel free to answer them in a general way, but don’t feel obligated to beat yourself up because of your past.

Remember, “Love addiction becomes a concern when infatuation replaces the high of drug use.

There are a few crucially-important things you will need to consider when you are starting to date again after regaining your sobriety. One of the first lessons you were taught was to stay away from the Things, Places, and People that can trigger old behaviors or relapses.

brought the world pop-punk classics like "I'd Do Anything," "Perfect" and "Addicted," and the guys are going on tour to celebrate where it all began. I should be disbarred (I’m not a lawyer, but that’s what came to me). For most people, that’s actually pretty good advice. Let it die in your lap (and it will), then go to bed. I guess somewhere between full armor (outlined above) and no-skin-with-nerve-endings-entirely-exposed (my natural state as a human being) is a sweet spot. And everyone has to locate that point on her own personal online dating tolerance matrix (ODTM—trademark pending). If he had been wearing that in his profile picture, I would have passed him by. In my attempt to manage the difficult, vulnerable experience of looking for love online, I nearly shut myself off from the possibility of finding it.

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